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"More than a decade ago, the Lord convicted me that I was doing most of the talking in our daily conversations. In response, I added a component to my morning times dedicated to God’s Word and God’s Spirit, that I simply call my “listening journal”…

…Quite simply, it is a space in my daily time devoted to God where I seek to be still, remain silent, and ask the Lord to silence all other voices but His and to speak to me whatever He desires. And then I simply listen and record whatever the Spirit says.

Often, during these times, God speaks to me regarding who He is, or how He views his children. Sometimes, the Lord asks me to intercede for the Church or an individual or a situation. At other times, He requests that I serve someone in a specific, tangible way. And upon more than one occasion the Lord has asked me to pray for someone or some situation that is otherwise completely outside of my finite viewpoint and knowledge.

October 2011

Such was the case as God began to ask me in October 2011 to pray for Tacoma. Apart from it being a midsize Toyota pickup truck, I really knew nothing of “Tacoma.” It was only after God made this request of me on several occasions that I mentioned it in passing to my wife Jamie, to which she replied, “I think that’s a town, isn’t it?”. So I did what every man of God would do: I “googled” it — to learn that it was a mid-sized urban port city not too far south of Seattle, Washington. The things I learned of the city, its rich history, its citizens, and its struggles laid the groundwork of understanding and informed my intercession.

May 2012

In May of 2012 God took the next step in revealing His plan, and let me know that I would someday move my family to Tacoma to minister. I immediately discussed this with Jamie, and we began to pray earnestly for God’s wisdom and discernment. But we were still missing a crucial element: the timing. We did not know if this promise would be fulfilled in 2 weeks, in 2 years, or in 2 decades. So we continued to pray and wait in faith. I regularly asked Jamie if she was praying about the timing, and her response was always the same: “Every time I pray about Tacoma, the Lord only brings one thought to my mind: Wait and trust Me.” This intercession and pressing into the Lord’s desire for our family continued for over two years.

Fall 2014

Then, in the Fall of 2014, the Lord gave Jamie the usual response to wait and trust Him, but He also impressed upon her heart that something significant would happen at Christmas. On Christmas morning, her grandmother passed away. The following day, my grandfather passed away. In the midst of these difficult goodbyes, we felt a strong sense of release, and we knew it was time to take another step of obedience in response to God’s call.

Confirmation of the Call

I organized a trip to scout out what God was doing in Tacoma so we could learn more about what He was calling us to do there. Meanwhile, in January 2015, Jamie went to a conference for her work with InterVarsity college ministry. at the conference, God began to answer our prayers for confirmation of His calling for our family. At the conference Jamie attended, there was a woman wearing a Texas Tech jersey (our alma mater) sitting in front of her. When she went to lunch, she found the woman sitting with Jamie’s boss talking about reaching community college students and leading urban projects. After listening for a few minutes, Jamie said, "Our different areas have a lot in common and a lot of the same challenges. Our Areas should be friends so we can help each other! Where do you live?" Of course, she replied, "Tacoma, WA" and Jamie nearly fell out of her chair. A few days later, Jamie asked the woman if I could meet her and her husband when I visited Tacoma the next week.

My scouting trip to Tacoma soon turned into a week-long mission trip. I met with pastors, non-profit leaders, realtors, the mayor, many homeless folks, and anyone who would talk to me along the way in restaurants, gas stations, and stores. I visited churches, drug recovery programs, universities, prayer meetings, and soup kitchens. It was sobering to see the great needs of the city and its residents, but it was also encouraging to see God moving in power among His people, bringing light into the darkest of places.

As we continued to pray, confirmation kept coming. Everywhere we went, we met people from Tacoma (and we were not bringing it up with anyone yet!): getting a haircut, installing flooring, getting my glasses fixed, at stores, and at a local restaurant. It became so obvious that God was orchestrating these meetings, that I very confidently walked up to a complete stranger wearing a Seahawks jersey one evening and said, “I know this may sound strange, but you’re from Tacoma, right!?” Sure enough, he was not only born and raised there, he still lives in Tacoma to this day, and was simply here visiting some friends in the area.

In addition to speaking to us through meeting people from Tacoma, God began to speak specifically to us in our daily conversations with Him, making it clear that He was calling us to move our family to minister in the inner-city of Tacoma. He began to speak to us of strategy and His heart for the poor, the homeless, the widow, and the orphan. He began to give us bold dreams of what could happen when His Gospel intersects the lives of those in the inner-city who are filled with deep depression and hopelessness. He was painting a picture for us of His great love for His children. So, in a step of faith and obedience, Jamie and I each spoke with our employers, moved our family out of our home, remodeled it, and put it on the market.

Pray for Courage to Trust and Obey

As we look to the future, we are amazed to see how God is weaving our past experiences and gifts together for this mission. The Lord reminded us He would use our training and work with college students, discipleship, evangelism, missions, prayer ministry, and urban projects through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as well as my stint working for a police department, an internship working with prison inmates, discipleship and Life Group leadership experiences at CrossBridge and other local extensions of the Body of Christ, Jamie’s degree in Business Management, the training I received from my father (a general contractor), the practical experiences of facility, land, and volunteer management in our time spent at CrossBridge. Even during our time in Lubbock during college, God was already preparing us as we got to see the power of churches, united in prayer, to transform a city! At the same time, God convicted us that He would call us to follow Him in new ways, in deeper levels of dependence on Him. He is not only calling us to make a physical move for our family, but a spiritual move from ‘being hard workers for God’ to ‘being true worshippers of God’. Pray for us to listen to the Lord and walk in obedience and faith in this calling! We can see God weaving the threads of our life into a beautiful tapestry for His glory!

The rest of this story is still a work in progress! We are so grateful God is allowing us to play an active role in His greater Story, and we are excited to see what God has in store for the future. We invite you to pray, give generously to God’s call to meet the needs of the poor, and tag along for the journey! Please stay tuned for more."

“if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.” (Isaiah 58:10, NIV)

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