Paraguay Ministry

Paraguayans have been through devastating wars, dictatorships, political repression, poverty and corruption and yet their greatest need is still the same as every other nation—the hope that is found only in Christ.

Our mission is to make disciples of the people of Paraguay through medical evangelism and teaching, healing, training, and church planting. David & Rebecca Ortiz are preparing to move to Paraguay full time to serve in the areas of:

  • Medical evangelism through David´s role as a Family Physician and medical educator.
  • Teaching and discipleship that bring growth to God’s people personally and corporately as the body of Christ.
  • Working alongside national churches to share the gift of Christ´s salvation and plant new churches to expand God’s kingdom.

What's my next steps if I want to participate?

  • Apply for a Passport or if you already have one, make sure it is up to date.
  • Complete the online application and inform us by the specified registration deadline.
  • Check with trip team leader to see if any vaccinations are required.
  • Attend all team meetings.




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