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What costs does my payment cover?
  • Your check covers transportation, lodging for 3 nights and all meals except for the travel time meal. Many bring a sack breakfast/lunch and snacks for the van ride. You will need to bring extra money for spending and tipping.
How do we travel?
  • The team will be traveling together in 15 passenger vans. One large trailer will be brought to carry the luggage and any materials needed to build and furnish the home.
Where are we staying?
  • The team will be staying in Reynosa, Mexico at the Best Western El Camino Inn & Suites. The telephone number is +52-899-923-0791. You can Google Best Western Reynosa for more information.
What can the kids do while I’m working?
  • Depending on their age, they will be working beside you hammering and painting. They can also play with many of the children from the Colonia. We recommend bringing jump ropes, footballs, Frisbees, soccer ballsor anything else to start a quick game.
What are the bathrooms like?
  • At the building site the bathrooms are outhouses. You will need to bring your own toilet paper. At the hotel, they are regular restrooms.
Is the food safe to eat?
  • Yes. All the food set before you by a member of the Strategic Alliance team is safe to eat.
Do I need to bring bottled water?
  • No, safe drinking water will be provided. We do recommend bringing a water bottle to fill up for yourself each day.
Will my hairdryer work?
  • Electric current throughout Mexico is conformed to 110 volts, 60 cycles. Same type used in the United States.
Does my cell phone work in Mexico?
  • Some do. Sprint works. Check with your cell phone provider.
Can I wear shorts?
  • Shorts are only acceptable if below the knee. Long pants are recommended. Also please don’t wear any type of camouflage clothing.




Trip Dates


  • November 18-22 2017
  • December 26-31 2017



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